How to Crack SSC CHSL

SSC staff selection commission every year announces notification for various post like SSC CGL (Combined Graduate Level) and SSC CHSL (Combined Higher Secondary Level) . Both the exams are very important exams if one wants to get a government exam. Both exams are of different level where SSC CGL is for graduate pass out students on the other hand SSC CHSL is for 12th pass out.

Cracking SSC exams not only require hard work but it also need smart work. Because solving question in a lengthy way by using traditional method comes under the category of hard work but solving questions by using short tricks comes under the Category of smart work.

So before coming up to the tips that you need to follow to crack SSC exam in first attempt , You have to make sure whether you just want to work hard or you want to work smart with little hard work.

Learn short tricks:

Learning short tricks is very beneficial from exam point of view. It will save your time and will also help you to get your answer easily, by just putting the values in a specific formula. If you ignore the importance of short tricks learning then you have to give much more time to a question which can be solved in a few seconds if you know the short tricks.

Practice previous papers:

Practicing previous papers can be helpful in many ways; like it helps you to know about the pattern of the exam, frequently asked questions, help you to check your speed and most importantly helps you to analyze your strong and weak points.

Proper knowledge of exam pattern:

The most important step in any exam preparation is to know about the “pattern of the exam”, you must be aware of some common questions related to pattern like total questions in each section, marks of each question, negative marking, time limit and many more.



After knowing about the pattern of the exam the next important step is to know about the “syllabus for the exam”, you should be aware about the topics that are Important for each section of the exam and then you have to give more time to the topics that are more important from examination point of view and less time to those topics that are not frequently coming in the exam.

Mode of exam:

You must kept in mind that now most of the SSC exams held online, and now there is no pen and paper mode of exam so be ready for that. Always try to practice previous year paper in online mode as it helps you to be aware of the computer system that saves your few minutes at the start of the exam.

Study material:

Choosing right study material is one of the important steps towards your success as you will be preparing for your exam from that study material only. So always choose your study material wisely, and choose the material which comes according to the latest pattern and syllabus of the exam. You can check best books for SSC for various sections.

Make a plan:

Organize your time, make a plan and then most importantly follow your plan. Give your time to each section of the exam and always try to give more time to the sections in which you have less command or in which you are weaker and more time to the sections in which you have a good command.

Make short notes:

While preparing for the exam always make short notes as it will become easy when you try to search for some specific topic during your preparation and it also help you in exam time to revise your syllabus easily and quickly.

Time limit:

While solving questions always try to solve it in the given time interval according to the pattern and time allotted in the exam and if you are unable to do so then try to increase your speed by learning some more short tricks and practicing more as practice is one of the key to increase your speed which directly gives you time to solve more questions.

Mistakes to avoid while preparing for SSC exams for the first time:

Being nervous:

Despite whole-hearted studying for a year, if you are nervous during the exam, your dreams may be shattered. Nervousness will cloud your ability to think and focus.

Not giving importance to all sections:

Don’t just focus on the section in which you are interested, you should also give time to other sections as well as all sections are important from selection point of view.

Relying too much on short tricks:

Relying too much on short tricks and ignoring basic fundamentals of the questions is not going to help you. As there will be many questions in the exam in which direct implementation of short tricks will not work, then in that case your basic fundamentals will you in solving those questions.

Ignoring revision:

I have seen many students trying to learn many new things few days before the exam and ignore to revise the things they have learned the whole year. This is the main problem for the poor performance of many students. As revision is very important aspect from preparation point of view and avoiding revision is not going to help you.

Ignoring paper mode:

Many students while preparing completely ignore the exam mode, they just practice offline, and they must understand that now almost all SSC exams are conducted in online mode, so they must try to practice papers in online mode also.

Not practicing previous year papers:

Practicing previous paper is very important as SSC and mainly all other exams repeats questions so you might get some questions that you have already practiced this is very helpful in general awareness part. And practicing previous papers also gives you a proper idea of your strengths and weakness and thus will help you to work on it.

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